POE-430P Mini DC UPS Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply for WiFi, Router, Modem, Security Camera with Built-in 8800mAh Power Bank

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  • Small uninterruptible power supply for power outage, compatible with router, modem, security camera, smartphone, fax machine, fingerprint recorder, DSL, ect. and can still use the network in case of power outage.
  • This mini UPS has 2 ways of input, 12V DC with adapter (faster) or 5V USB (slower).
  • Built-in 8800mAH  powerbank with a standard USB port, can be used as a normal power bank as well.
  • Input: DC 12V or USB 5V, Output: USB 5V=2A, DC 5V=2A, 9V=2A, 12V=2A, support any current below 2A.
  • Multiple smart protections: short circuit protection, voltage fluctuation protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, temperature protection, safe to use.

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Uninterruptible Power Supply : Uninterruptible Power Supply( UPS), made to provide emergency power backup for lots kinds of small DC communication equipment, network peripherals such as Wireless Router, POE sensor, digital camera, phone, router, iPad, alarm system, POS, Modem, iPad, Monitor, POE VOIP, POE WEBCAM, time recorder and so on.

New UPS with POE functions : New UPS with POE functions, Power over Ethernet (POE), can transmit the data and power at the same time to simplify wire set. Intelligent circuit design with over-charging (system protection), over-discharging and short circuit protections (battery protection).

Built-in 8800 mAH Lithium battery : Built-in 8800mAH Lithium battery, also 8800mAH Power Bank, can store power and provide more hours of operation for single device during power failure at a low price, to charge your phone, making your door alarming system working, offer emergency power backup for your wireless router, no need to worry about no WIFI any more.

More Functions : More new experience with DC 5V 1A USB port, and easily slide switch to select 9V/12V, 1A DC interface, constant DC output for multiple devices with different or same voltage ; Unique 15v/24V POE interface, 0.6A for POE Internet Radio, Monitor, POE Sensor, POE WEBCAM, POE VOIP.

Wide Voltage : Built-in adapter allows wide AC voltage range (85-265 VAC), 100v~240 VAC 50hz/60hz Input Voltage.


UPS Input voltage range: 100V~240V (85-265 VAC)
Output Voltage: 5V USB, 9V/12V DC, 15V/24V
POE Output Power: 17 Watts
Battery Type: Lithium battery
Quantity & Capacity Of Battery: 4 x 2200 mAh
Rated charge current: 1A
Rated discharge current: 5V/9V/12V-1A, 15V/24V-0.6A
Circuit protection: Overcharge protection (system protection), overload and short circuit protection (battery protection)
Operating temperature: 0℃+40℃ Weight: 400 g Dimensions: 159 x 104 x 26 mm Noise Level: Less than 40dB


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