750ml Waterproof Leak Seal Repair Spray Cracks Leakage Mending Glue Stop Leaking Sealer Seaming Sprayer

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  • SEAL LEAKS ANYWHERE! Seal even the toughest leaks. Deeps into cracks and holes. Dries to a watertight, flexible, rubberized coating. Stays flexible and pliable; lasts many years. It is ideal for a variety of roof surfaces including shingles, metal roofs, chimneys, skylights, gutters, pipes, and many other surfaces.
  • STOP LEAKS FAST! Transform and protect virtually everything! Ideal for arts & crafts, projects & hobbies. Spray a patch and repair sealant that dries white. It allows for quick repairs across a variety of surfaces.
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Our Advantage

  • -It is anti-corrosion and anti-rust so the seal will last longer
  • -Small measure will help to solve major leakage problems
  • -Developed for waterproofing repair of pipe roots, pipe openings, corners, roof cracks, slotted wiring and other leaky points in waterproofing construction
  • -Sprayer can reach complex space and narrow cracks to solve the leakage problems easily