2pcs Light Grey Vehicle Mounted Storage Bag / Organizer - Light Grey Colour

VOB- Grey
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This back seat organizer is the ultimate vehicle accessory for parents. It'll keep your car clean, organized, and create more storage space so you can carry all your supplies and not have to leave anything behind. There's no reason to have a dirty and messy car once you try this!

  • Protects your car seats from muddy feet! Now you can be worry-free of kids kicking your seats and leaving dirty footprints on them.
  • Creates extra storage space and even includes two cup holders. Perfect for smaller cars and those that only have a few cup holders.
  • Features several pockets to neatly organize your items so your car won't be a mess with items scattered everywhere. These pockets come in different sizes and were designed to fit everything you'd typically carry (drinks, laptops, tablets, tissues, etc).
  • Easy to install and fits on all car seats. Plus it doesn't bother the person up front.
  • Reusable and washable so even if your kids make a mess, it's better that they do it on this low cost organizer instead of your expensive car seats!
  • Keep your Car Organized.
  • Stable and Sturdy.
  • Multiple Pockets for Multiple Things.
  • Perfect Travel Accessory.
  • Protect your Back Seat.
  • Made of Top Quality Felt.
  • Fashionable and Simple and Light Weight

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