COMBO OF 2pcs Towel ( 30 X 40 CM + 40 X 60 CM ) High Quality 600 GSM Thick and Heavy, Highly Absorbent & Soft Microfiber Cleaning Towel Perfect For Home, Kitchen, Cars, Furniture And More.

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अब गाडी सफा गर्दा रंग कोरिने तथा पानीको दाग बस्ने समस्या बाट पाउनुहोस छुटकारा र सधै आफ्नो गाडीलाई राख्नुहोस धुलो मुक्त र चम्किलो केहि समय मै।

धेरै पानी सोस्ने, बाक्लो र बलियो कपडाबाट बनेको ।

600GSM उच्च गुणस्तरीय माइक्रोफाइबर कपडा बाट बनेको।

छिट्टै पानी सोसी , धुलो हटाइ गाडीलाई तुरुन्तै चम्किलो बनाउन मदत गर्ने

गाडी, फर्निचर तथा अन्य सरसफाईको प्रयोजनको लागी पनि उपयुक्त।

तौल : ७५ ग्राम 

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  • MULTIPURPOSE USE: Perfect for Multipurpose cleaning - All Bikes , Car roof, Car body, Windshields, Headlights, Instrument panel, Seat, Sofa, Dashboard and other surfaces. Apart from vehicles, also useful for cleaning your television, laptop, microwave etc. Grab our premium microfiber towel and keep your car bike clean for years!
  • EXCELLENT ABSORPTION: Scratch free 600 GSM highly-absorptive material capable of carrying water 8 times its weight. 80% Polyester & 20% Polyamide optimally traps Dust & Dirt like Magnet - Cleaning everything like a professional cleaner.
  • REINFORCED SILK EDGES - Prevents frayed edges and loose strings for keeping your microfiber towel new for years.
  • HASSLE-FREE MAINTAINENCE: 100% Washable Car microfibre towel - Do Not Bleach - Do Not Iron - Do Not Dry Clean. Does not require any chemicals to clean. Just wash it under Cold Water Before use and it will cause No Shrinkage, No Shape loss even after multiple washes. A perfect cleaning towel for you!
  • EASY CARRYING & STORAGE: This cleaning towel is easy to carry anywhere/ anytime. When you have finished cleaning your car, Just fold the towel into the car dashboard rack and it’s ready to serve wherever you go.
  • Size  : 30 X 40 cm + 40 X 60 cm