2 in1 Face & Nose Steamer Facial Sauna Spa Skin Care

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Our Advantage

Enjoy an extra-wide face shield enhanced comfort during use .

This design enhanced comfort while using light energy and heat automatically safest
gently steam opens pores and helps remove dirt, bacteria and makeup residue
supply granting a spa treatment that the skin soft and silky smooth
Soft mist to help clear nasal.

Lightweight and portable, so you can carry with you any anywhere

Automatic thermostat for additional safety
Provides a spa treatment which leaves skin soft and silky
Gentle mist helps clear nasal passages
Extra wide facial shield enhances comfort during use

How to use sauna facial steamer:
1. Add water
using the water cup add 50 ML of water in the aluminum span of the base does not exceed the water level MAX cordon (not directly hold water under the tap)
2. Install steam mask
set the steam mask on the basics, turning clockwise fixed
3. Install aroma box
Open the box aroma, add essential oil, plain spices (sold separately), and in the face plate after turning the aroma box cap, hard right (as you do not need to aromatherapy, omit this step, using nasal steamer, just in)
4. Heating
Power on switch to "L" for normal face streaming, switch to "H" for quick face streaming (the lights PTC fever said, about 3 minutes later it can be used when something emitting water vapor, steam 100g / h)
5. Steaming face
seating for the steamer, slightly forward, your face close to the steam mask, according to the degree of face feel hot, the dist and between the face mask and steam; when using nasal steamer, close your nose bridge to the top of the (Experts advise: do not exceed 20 minutes each time, and no more than 3 times a week)
6. Stop
turning the switch "0", the light off means stop heating , disconnect the power, wait at least 5 minutes, then take the steam mask or nasal steamer, and finally the remaining water pours
7. Cleaning
with cold water to steam your face after stop, then apply moisturizing mask or your favorite cleanser or gravel crumbly cream

heart disease, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis not this product
pregnant women and patients with severe disease, as would add spices and essential oil when this product l, consult a physician
once irritation or discomfort, stop using herbs or essential oils
check family tension with the product as the same tension before turning on the power
to prevent the power cord is damaged, danger, must be replaced by the maintenance department of professional personnel


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