Scarlett 7-Speed Lightweight 2 in 1 Hand Mixer with Chrome Beater Dough Hook

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रू, 950

7 adjustable speed selections1 pair of chrome beaters1 pair of chrome hooks1-2 level: Suitable for mixing dry food powder, eg: wheat powder, beef tallow, potato3-4 level: Suitable for liquid material, eg: salad sauce7 level: To mix paste for cookie, cake8 Level: To mix butter, beef tallow, sugar for making candy, desserts9 Level: To mix egg and sugar frost or potato.

Our Advantage

The electric mixer 4 nozzles is compact, very convenient to operate.It has seven speed modes, a nozzle disconnect button, two sets of nozzles, chrome beaters for whipping and kneading dough (two stainless steel whisks , two stainless steel hooks for dough)
Whips ,flods, blends,creams and mixes
Easy removal and clean

power 180W
voltage 220-240V