Non Stick Electric Cooking Pot with Stainless Steel Steamer ( with 6 month warranty )

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पसल, घर, अफिस, बेडरुम तथा कुनैपनि ठाउमा जुनैपनि बेला बिजुलीबाट आफुलाई मनपरेको परिकार सजिलै बनाउन सकिने।
एउतै भाडामा खाना / खाजा Fry , Cook , Steam , Boil गर्न मिल्ने।
Non-Stick Coating भएको र स्टिलको Steam Basket भएको जसमा म:म ,रोटि वा अन्य जुनैपनि परिकार Steam गर्न मिल्ने।
1.8 Litre क्षमता भएको ,Personal Use को लागि अत्यन्तै उपयोगी।

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Our Advantage

-Make instant noodles, boil and steam food, eat hotpot, and more!
- Approx 1.5L capacity (perfect for 1-4 persons)
-Non-stick teflon coating (for lower cooking element) and steel steamer basket
-Dry heat protection: unit won't fully boil when there is no liquid inside to prevent damage
-Outer plastic layer: Helps regulate heat so you won't burn your fingers when units touched


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