1200ML ( 5 Cup ) Stainless Steel Sel Roti Maker ( Soli ) Batter Dispenser with Stand 21mm Outlet Diameter ( FREE 2Pcs JHIR )

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उच्चस्तरको Stainless Steel बाट बनेको, हलुङ्गो र बलियो सेल रोटी मेकर प्रयोग गरी विना झण्झट आकर्षक सेलरोटी बनाउनुहोस्

१.२ लिटर क्षमता भएको।
उच्च गुणस्तरीय स्टिल बाट बनेको।
हलुको साथै बलियो ,बर्षौ सम्म टिक्ने।
सेलरोटी साथै Pancake , Muffins आदि बनाउन उपयोगी।

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Our Advantage

  • Funnels with Rack: The batter dispenser ( Selroti Maker )  is an essential baking tool for the kitchen. It is suitable for Selroti, pancakes, crepes, muffin, cupcakes, waffles, chocolate balls, etc. Scientific selroti maker is very good at controlling the flow of liquids without wasting. It can easily and accurately dispense most batter, seasonings and icing, even pizza sauce.
  • Premium Material: It is made of high-quality stainless steel. The stainless steel material is safe, environmentally friendly and not easy to rust, with the features of resistant to falling and durable. It can be used for a long time without damage. It is easy to clean and the dishwasher is safe.
  • Easy to Operation: It is easy to install and does not require any installation tools. You only need to align the concave arc of the handle with the interface and push it up to install it. The handle that is installed will not fall off and it will help you to make delicious food very well.
  • Detachable Handle Saves Space: The detachable handle design, you can remove the handle when you are not using it for easy storage and space saving. In addition, it is suitable for home, restaurant, hotel, snack bar, cake shop, etc.
  • Outlet Diameter : 21mm 
  • Capacity: 5 Cup/ 1200 ML.

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