X500 Dual SIM GSM Fixed Landline Wireless Desktop Phone - 1 YEAR WARRANTY

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!! मोबाइल सेट बिना नै SIM CARD राखेर जुन सुकै ठाउमा प्रयोग गर्न सकिने टेलिफोन सेट !!! अफिस, पसल, स्कुल, घर, हस्पिटल जस्ता ठाउँमा अत्यन्तै उपयोगी !!!

-Landline Telephone जोड्नु पर्ने झन्झट मुक्त हुनु होस्। 

-ब्याट्री को राम्रो ब्याकअप भएको, एक पटक फुल चार्ज गरेर लामो समय सम्म चलाउन सकिने-दुर्गम स्थान र कम टावर भएको ठाउमा राम्रोकाम गर्ने। 

- दुई ओटा सिम हाल्न मिल्ने। ( Ncell /NTC /Smart कुनै पनि GSM सिम हाल्न सकिने ) 

-बच्चा बच्ची लाई मोबाईल बाट टाढा राख्न सहयोग पुर्याउने। 

- Portable भएकोले बोकि जहाँ सुकै लैजान मिल्ने। 

-Caller ID भएको , Message Save हुने , Alarm , FM /Radio र अन्य थुप्रै विशेषता भएको।

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Our Advantage

-it comes with capability to Support GSM850/900/1800/1900Mhz
- It comes with a quality Caller ID
-it has the bets Dot-matrixed display inbuilt functionalit
-It comes with an inbuilt SMS functionality
-It comes with different modes as follows, Call in / Call out /Call divert/ Call waiting/ three-way conference call
-it also has a very dependable Speed dialing
-It has one of the best Redial capability
-It has a inbuilt capability to Save more than 100 SMS on the phone
-This phone also comes with very quality Speaker Phone
-It has the capability for Storage of up to 20 missed call or received calls and the last ten dialed number

The Applications of this device are as follows :
1. It meant For public use as payphones
2. It can also be used For office and home use
3. It also great For rural and mountainous areas
4. It is also the most ideal For mobile carriages such as ships, automobiles and trains

5. For those places where hardwire-line telephone service is unavailable


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