UGEE EX08 S Electronic Graphic Tablet with P01 Drawing Pen Writing Tablet for Teachers , Students and Business Persons.

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Main Features:
Teaching scene
- Complex mathematical functions, handwritten online blackboard writing
- Knowledge point drawing explanation, stable output without delay
- Auxiliary line drawing, restore real blackboard writing experience

More powerful connection to mobile phones
- Can be connected to major mainstream painting apps, easily open the mobile phone drawing mode, the proportion is the same as the mobile phone, full board painting, reject 1/2 panel

Simple and comprehensive board
- Start a new board painting experience
- EX08 adopts a 10×6 inch full board design, seamlessly fitting, making the painting smooth and unhindered, bringing you a more powerful ability to achieve inspiration

8192 level pressure
- Grab every wonderful
- Sophisticated and complicated pressure sensor, which can sense 8192 pressures, the thickness of the lines is presented with the strength, which makes the creativity vivid

Passive pressure pen
- Break through technical constraints
- P01 pressure-sensitive pen adopts passive technology chip, no need to charge and connect, let the inspiration fly freely

Reading speed up to 266 points
- Hurry up, it's very different
- High-speed trajectory sensing technology, more amazing to get started, no delay and no stutter, feel the joy of a wave

8 custom shortcut keys
- Efficient control, everything
- Commonly used tools can be switched at will to meet different creative needs, fingertips fit the wave point design, and the buttons feel comfortable and natural

5080LPI resolution
- The beauty of painting exists because of me
- 5080 arrangement lines are arranged at equal distances per inch. The more arrangement lines, the more layers of the image, and the better the image quality

Cool body
- Freestyle
- The full backboard adopts starry moments and the glare positioning of the four corners of the painting area, revealing the delicate beauty in the simplicity, leading the new fashion experience

Type-C interface
- Understand what you need, come for you
- The interface is connected randomly, and the drawing board can be changed left and right, which can meet the painting habits of the left and right hands

Four corners of arc
- Both rigid and soft, the beauty of detail
- The edges are blended with curved elements, and a softer connection path is selected between the straight lines, which is elegant

New comprehensive film
- A superior sense of painting
- Full-coverage anti-reflection protection Full-coverage film, tested by professional technology, fully close to the feel of paper painting, flexible

- Compatible with Windows Windows10 / 8 / 7 (32 / 64bit), MAC OS X10.10 or above



Brand: Ugee Model Number: EX08 Type: Pen without power Materials: ABS Connection: Wired Interface: Type-C Languages: English Pressure Sensitivity: 8192 Resolution: 5080LPI Read Speed: 266 point/s Reading Distance: 10mm

Packing Contents

Package Contents: 1 x Digital Panel,1 x Drawing Pen, 1 x Pen Holder, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Guide Application, 1 x Registration Verification Guideline, 1 x Film

>> Tablet wired connection settings After connecting the tablet to your computer, make sure that you can use the digital pen to control the cursor.

>> Digital tablet wireless connection setting (this setting only supports wireless tablet)

1. Plug the wireless receiver into the computer. 
2. Press the power button of the tablet for 3S to turn it on, and after it is automatically connected to your computer, you can use the digital pen to control the cursor. 
3. Press the power button on the tablet for 3S to shut down. 

>> How to connect the UGEE tablet to Android phones and tablets
1. First connect the UGEE tablet to a USB adapter (USB to Micro-B or USB to Type-C) and then connect to the Android phone or tablet.  Android device 000000
2. Open the pressure-sensitive Android App, and place the UGEE tablet and Android device vertically. 
3. Please turn off the automatic screen rotation function of the Android device and keep the device in vertical mode. 
4. Now you can create as much as you want!  Currently, the tablet only supports normal use in the vertical orientation mode of Android devices.  If the customer rotates the landscape mode, it will not work normally.


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